How to make your Innovation work

During 23 years of Innovation I have made mistakes, kept learning and improved the way I work. This has resulted in my sharpened design process, which I use to make Innovations work.

Depending on how much time you have, spend the hours you have available per process step. But never skip one.

The first two phases are the most critical ones

If you understand your company and the world around it, you know what the focus area will be. So a quick assumption that the available info is fine, can make a project fail right from the start. Instead be curious and critical at the same time. If something does not feel right, dig deeper. When you see the bigger picture and start zooming in, you can feel your confidence increasing.

You will know what the company needs, where it could grow or stop declining. Why some of your direct competitors are doing so well and who your competitors are from other categories. Their product performance vs. yours will be crystal clear. You will also know what insight each of your competitors is fulfilling. You are ready to define and align the focus area.

Of course this is a very simplified visual of my sharpened design process, so if you would like to hear more, shoot me a message.