I help Companies
to improve their Packaging
Which Consumers will love
as they can now contribute
to a sustainable Future

Senseo Future Pack

As the Global Packaging Innovation manager at JDE I convinced the organisation that a future compacter Senseo pod, had to be backed up by a small compact pack that would convince consumers of it’s higher quality and make them feel proud. Since the packs became smaller, less foil was used per pod. The outer cases were significantly smaller. The saved material weight was used to create the protective inserts. Led the R&D team, facilitated brainstorms, connected R&D with engineering. Convincing mock-ups were created. In tests consumers loved the new future pack. Everybody started to believe. Launched in France.

Ti-Ora premium tea - New Zealand

Here I coached a packaging developer to take back control of a project that was not progressing. After a 1-on-1 deep dive, it was clear why the project was not moving forward. Technical and marketing discussions were taking place in the same meetings. Taken decisions were constantly doubted and re-challenged. So I structured the decision making, created and chaired weekly R&D team meetings. Got her prepared for stakeholder alignments. Everybody got on board and the project got back on track in no time.

Custom Packaging Innovation

I deep dive into your situation and identify what is needed. The support will be customised towards your specific need.

Creative Services

Sketches, Visuals, Presentations, Roadmaps, organising and facilitating Brainstorms, and creative Patent War Games

Project Lead

Lead your packaging innovation project. Take care of technical pre-feasibility, cost effectiveness, the consumer and business need.


Check out the energy at the Albert Heijn Packathon 2023

Recently I also supported the Albert Heijn Packathon 2024
I facilitated 5 brainstorm teams
Together with another designer the best ideas were visualised, bringing the ideas to life during the pitches at the end of the day

Hi there,

I believe that everybody wants to contribute to a more sustainable future. That‘s why I’m passionate about helping others to improve and innovate their packaging solutions. So consumer feel proud and experience pleasure to use these, as one of their favourite brands enables them to contribute to sustainability.

I am a creative enthusiast who loves to co-create and inspire people to join the journey. In the past 25 years I worked on a wide range of FMCG innovations. With marketing, consumer research, engineering. Now I understand what a business needs, what the consumer wants and what is technically feasible. This experience is what I use to make packaging innovations work at start-ups and corporates.

If you want to contribute and do what feels right,
feel free to reach out to me for a cup of coffee.

Creative regards,

K.C. (short for Kachung)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Europalaan 2C

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